Cloudbase and Paragliding Wilderness

It’s that time of year already, December, and the holidays are upon us. It has been a good year for Cloudbase Paragliding Wilderness, we finally managed to have our 25th Smile You Scream Alpine Tour , and had amazing weather with some amazing flights and some very happy pilots with lots of personal bests.

We also have had some great paragliding in Wilderness with 30 new pilots graduating from the Cloudbase Paragliding school.

Our latest fledgling pilot is Franci, who has come to work for us for the season and help with all the tandem passengers and the latest batch of students.

As always, we have six new paragliding wings in the school for the season ahead with the new students, and we are looking forward to the long summer days of flying.

We have given the school and the bed and breakfast a facelift with some new decks, windows and doors and a lick of paint.

Why don’t you come and join us, whether you are a pilot already, a wannabe pilot or try out a tandem flight so see if you want to take to the skies yourself.

Happy Xmas Holidays  From Team Cloudbase Paragliding

Photo is of our latest class of students taking to the skies in a brand new Supair Eona 3 school wing!


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