Gerickes Point Take Off Site to re-open

We are pleased to announce that the take off site at Gerickes Point is being re-opened.

The Simbavati Group ( is now operating the property and has opened a beautiful lodge with a bistro, fine dining and accommodation called Fynbos-on-Sea.

The use of the take-off is for recreational and visiting pilots only.

Tandem flight experiences will be reserved for lodge guests only.

Commercial operators are requested to respect this decision by the lodge owners.

Please do as follows:

  1. When arriving at the gate please phone 069 300 8987 (the number is also on the gate) and ask nicely for them to open the gate.
  2. Visitors to go to reception AND NOT TO THE TAKEOFF SITE. Drive to the lodge and park at the lodge. Please note the speed limit on the road is STRICTLY 30kmph. The lodge has safari vehicles with their guests and are regularly on the roads, so please be careful.
  3. Once at the lodge you will be required to sign an indemnity form and pay the daily fee at the reception.
  4. Only pilots who have a valid SAHPA license, or SAHPA foreign membership will be able to use the site, please ensure you have your license with you.
  1. Pilots will then be transported in an official lodge vehicle to the take off.
  2. If you land on the beach, the lodge will organise collection to bring you back to either the take off or your vehicle.
  1. Please note that the launch site is a strictly “NON SMOKING” site and anyone smoking at the launch site will be banned.

The daily fee is R200 and includes a free beer or a free coffee/tea at either the Bistro or the Fynbos Bar in the main lodge should the bistro not be operational on the day.

You are encouraged to enjoy the offers of the Fynbos Bar in the main lodge and the Bistro.

The Bistro is currently open on Sundays and will be open daily from 15th December to the 7th January.


Please take note of the site rules below:


Fynbos on Sea Paragliding Site

Gerickes Point (121m)

Site Grading : Student Under Instruction Min 15 Flights


  • Wind direction South East to East , Max wind speed 25kmph
  • Max ceiling 465 m ASL
  • Landing zone is at the car park to the East of take-off
  • Respect the land owners property and rights at all times, preserve the fauna and flora.


Beware of the following:

  • Take off minimum two meters from the edge
  • Sudden gusts of wind, watch the water for warning
  • Sudden wind directional changes
  • Top landings are difficult be aware of wind shadow and turbulence


We are very lucky to have the opportunity to use this iconic site again, so please respect the property and appreciate that there is a luxury business operating and so be respectful to everyone that you encounter.

For further details contact the Fynbos on Sea Activity Centre on 0693014388 or Fynbos on Sea Lodge on 0693008987  or Cloudbase Paragliding on 082 777 8474



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